Download SHAREit for Laptop

Click on the button below to download free SHAREit app for your laptop to transfer and share files. It works on all laptops, including Lenovo, Xiaomi and many others.

Download SHAREit for Laptop

It is quite common that we are using a large number of devices to perform numerous tasks in our daily lives. These devices provide specialized applications which can help in streamlining the process. With that, we can have the task performed quite easily without facing any kind of hurdles. Most of the applications are designed based on the specialized task which it serves to its users.

We are also generating a large number of files based on the tasks with which we are involved. Many of those files are important to us which needs to be stored securely. As we are using a variety of devices, we are required to share these files among those devices. SHAREit is an application which can help us in efficiently sharing our files across our devices without any kind of loss of files.

What is SHAREit ?

SHAREit is basically a file sharing application which one can use for sharing files across a number of devices and platforms like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is quite likely that people are involved with a number of tasks and are required to share the files with other people on the run. Under those cases, SHAREit can help in sharing those files easily with other users who are using the same application.

This application is using the common connection for connecting with other devices. You make your device connect with them when they are sharing the same WLAN network. The application is using the secure connection for transferring files which makes it quite important for different individuals who want to share their files without compromising over the security of data.

The CEO of the technology company who founded SHAREit is Michael Qiu. Users can easily transfer files like photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and many more by using this application. Devices which support this application include Windows, Windows Phone, Android and also iOS devices. SHAREit is considered as the fastest cross-platform file transfer application.

SHAREit On Laptops

It is also required to share a number of files from laptops to other devices. This will require having the SHAREit application on the laptop. For transferring files from your laptop to other devices, it is required that both devices are having the SHAREit for laptop. When you open the SHAREit application in your laptop it will provide you the option of searching for any hotspot or sharing via QR code.

The kind of option which you select for sharing files depends on which option best suits your requirements. If you select the option of QR code then it will display the QR code on your laptop screen. This code can be scanned by the SHAREit application which is available in your device. Once the code is scanned, both the devices will get connected with each other for transferring files seamlessly.

You have to open the SHAREit application in any of your devices and select the option of the scan QR code for performing the scanning operation. This option is most preferred by SHAREit users, due to the simple nature of performing the task for effectively connecting both devices. It is also possible to make the application search for the hotspot device by which your other device is going to receive files.

Installing SHAREit Application on Your Laptop

Looking at the large number of features which this application provides, it is quite evident that people would definitely love to use this application. For that, we have shared here the procedure which one can use to download and install the application in their device. Go for the official website of SHAREit application which will have the option for downloading the application.

Once you have downloaded the application, install it in your device. Provide suitable settings while installing the application to ensure that you are able to effectively use it over a later period of time. There are a large number of websites which provides this application. So, you need to ensure that you are downloading the application from the authentic website. It will help you to remain safe and sound from any kind of malicious apps getting installed on your device.

All devices and platforms are having this application also available in their respective store. It makes it easier for people to find the application for installing them. Just go to your device application store for searching the SHAREit application. Once you find the authentic application to start the installation process in your device. There is no additional requirement to be provided in your device for installing this application.


Thus, we can say that SHAREit is quite a popular application which is used for effectively sharing of numerous files across a number of devices. It is capable of making a secure connection to ensure that files are getting transferred without any kind of interruption. This will be mainly helpful for people who are dealing with important and sensitive files in their device.

Download free SHAREit app for Laptop and enjoy the app on your device!