SHAREit Frequently Asked Questions

We have discussed here a few of the questions which people normally have regarding the use of Shareit application. Answers are provided to these questions to ensure that you can have the best possible experience while using this application.

What is SHAREit App?

Shareit is a file sharing application which is supported over multiple platforms. It will help you to share your files effectively to another device regardless of the platforms. This makes it easier for any individual to have access to this application for sharing the files which they desire.

How to download SHAREit ?

Looking at a large number of features provided by the application, people will definitely want to use the application. So, it is important to know how to download the Shareit application. One can download this application from the default store of their device platform, going to the official website of Shareit or to download the app from our website. APK version for mobile devices is available here.

How SHAREit Works?

This application works by connecting devices over a common wireless network. It will allow you to transfer files seamlessly with amazing transfer speed so that there is no effect on sharing of the files with relevant persons.

What are the latest changes in SHAREit ?

Recently Shareit has made a few of the changes in the application to ensure that people can have the best possible experience while using the application. You can have a smooth interface while using the application. Even the application will now show download bar while transferring files which will be helpful in knowing the progress of the file transfers.

What Windows versions are supported in SHAREit?

For using the application you need to know about whether the application is supported in your device or not. Shareit application is supported on Windows 7, 8 and 10. You can easily download the application from the Windows 8 and 10 store while for Windows 7 it is available from its official website.

How to update SHAREit?

New changes are constantly coming in this application. This will require you to keep your app updated with the latest features coming in the new versions. With that, you can use the new features which are available in the updated version of the application. For that, you can download the latest update from the app itself or going to the official website and downloading the latest version of the application and installing it.

Is SHAREit Free?

Yes, shareit application is completely free of cost. You can download the application easily from its official website and install it to transfer files across multiple platforms. Even there are no hidden charges involved while using the application which makes it popular to be used by a large number of individuals.

Does SHAREit work on Lenovo laptops?

Yes, you can even download and install the shareit application on Lenovo laptops. It will perform seamlessly without any kind of errors even while using the application on the Lenovo laptops. The kind of user experience which you will get will be similar to other platforms.