We are using a large variety of devices in our daily lives. Each of those devices is capable of making our daily task simpler and comfortable. There are a large number of files developed daily related to the tasks which we are performing. With that, we can keep a complete track of the activities which we are doing and the data which is related to those activities.

Numerous applications are developed which can help in the task with which we are involved. For that, we are just supposed to find the application which best matches our requirements. Also, there are numerous applications available which can help us in sharing our files with other gadgets. Each of these applications is having their own pros and cons which needs to be considered before making the right choice.

Brief details about the application

SHAREit is a popular application which is used for sharing of files across a number of devices (computers, Android phones etc). People tend to use this application for effectively and speedily transferring their files. This application uses the WLAN connection with which devices are connected. Devices which are connected over a common WLAN are capable of sharing files with each other using this application.

This application gained popularity mainly due to the higher transfer speeds which it provides for moving files from one device to another. Even the connectivity which it provides is having secure transfer which is suitable to transfer any secure file which you have. One just needs to use this application on both the devices between which they want to transfer files to have a secure file transfer connection between them.

When you are required to use this application, it will be required to connect to a common network connection. By doing that, you will provide a suitable interface by which SHAREit application can connect to the other device for transferring files. The transfer speed which you will get will not only depend on the application but also on the kind of common network connection with which your devices are connected.

Features of SHAREit application

Recently, a new update of the SHAREit application is released. It is quite evident that people would love to know the additional features which they can obtain or what’s new in SHAREit before using the application.

  1. Video Player: There is an improvement in the video player which will permit better viewing experience in the application.
  2. Download bar progress: Now you can see the download progress in your device. It will help you to keep track of the download which is taking place through this application.

These features are going to greatly affect the people who are using this application for transferring files. One can use these features for having better transfer experience for the files which are shared by them.


Thus, we can say that there are few of the important features added to the new version of SHAREit application in 2019. One can improve their file sharing experience with the use of these features. It will help them to have constant progress of their file transfers.

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